Kitchen Aid Grater

Kitchen Aid Grater

Ok, we all have a grater somewhere tucked away in the kitchen. And honestly they are mostly all the same. But this one found its way into my kitchen a while back – not for its special features or anything, but because it’s a part of my beloved brand, KitchenAid®.

But once, I had it, and tracking my food became a part of my daily life, this one made a whole lotta sense. The cup container has a 2cp measurement – 2.25 cp if you fill it to the top. Perfect for tracking how much cheese your baking into your lasagna, how much zucchini is going into your brownies, or how much carrot goes into your carrot cake (mmmm carrot cake).

It doesn’t make the job less messy, really. It just helps you measure. For that reason, this is my fav :o)

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