KitchenAid® Digital Timer

KitchenAid® Digital Timer

By now, we’ve all seen the commercial of Cookie Monster asking Siri to watch the time for me (man, I love Cookie Monster… hey, if you’re gonna be addicted to something, this guy’s got it right!).

But that’s not always realistic for me. My phone is usually busy looking for new food ideas, texting gal pals or taking pictures of the dog… and so a cute little KitchenAid® timer to go with the rest of your goodies is a must. (Well, I suppose you could live without it, but why would you? Ha! – You see what my husband is dealing with, here ;o)

The BEEP is quite loud, which might not be handy at certain times (like when testing the latest rhubarb craze at 6am while your husband sleeps) but it is SOOO helpful when you walk away from the oven and forget because (you guessed it) you’re taking more pictures of the dog.

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