KitchenAid® Kitchen Tool Basics

KitchenAid® Kitchen Tool Basics

This is the perfect all-in-one kit! Before I realize they sold them like this, I started buying individual pieces, which ended up costing me a lot more in the end. This kit will come with all of the necessarily elements for basic gadgets. I mean, you’ll add more (‘cause it’s fun and if you’re like me, you’re addicted to KitchenAid®!), but this one will get your feet off the ground.

Aside from having the fabulous KitchenAid® brand labeled on them (which I personally love – you should see my kitchen!), they are actually really good quality pieces. They are light weight, but very durable, and have held up in my kitchen against every imaginable dish I could cook with them. The spatulas and spoons do not flex easily and so you don’t have to worry about the weight of your dishes that you’re serving (try stirring a large pot of chowder with a flimsy spoon… no thanks!).

Another great feature is that the heads of the spoons and spatula are not held on by glue as many other brands tend to be. So you can be sure these will last your kitchen use for many years under some normal to heavy wear and tear.

Dishwasher safe… Cookie dough approved!

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