KitchenAid® Mandolin

KitchenAid® Mandolin

Need just a little bit of slicing done? Don’t really feel like pulling out the big guns? This is the guy! Perfect for making snacks or enough for one or two. You can slice almost anything super thin and way faster than trying to do it with a knife.

The spikes on the guard are shorter than a lot of mandolins, however once you get the hang of it, you’ve love it! My hint would be to slice off a thing part of the fruit/veggie, exposing the flesh and sinking the spikes into that for a good grip.

It makes a great addition to the KitchenAid® lover’s kitchen and at this price, it’s perfect for its intended use. I also love that it has a single blade, and it lays flat in the drawer. No fumbling with multiple attachments or pieces that come apart. It really does make this kitchen function a lot easier and quicker for me!

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