KitchenAid® Rolling Pin

KitchenAid® Rolling Pin

STOP what you’re doing, and step away from the old wooden rolling pins! Seriously… years and years of dried food on a porous surface, or too many times in the dishwasher that you can’t get rid of the wet wood smell! No thanks…

I had one of those wooden ones before I actually knew what it was for, and it looked great in the drawer, and I felt fancy, or whatever, but once I started to actually use it, I really didn’t like the idea of rolling cookie dough with things like milk or eggs in it, onto a wooden surface that you never really knew if it was clean.

So my very first KitchenAid® purchase ever was this exact rolling pin. I still have it. It is nice and heavy, rolls perfectly smooth, and has an amazing rolling surface that NOTHING sticks to – no kidding. I’ve used it for everything and it just wipes clean. Perfection – AND it was the grandfather of my love for all things KitchenAid®!

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