Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE my slow cookers! I have two of them! If I can stick it in a slow cooker, make dinner in, like, 1o minutes of effort, or make tons of stuff to store for later, I am doing it in the slow cooker!

Ok, so now that you know where I stand (lol), let’s talk about this one in particular. I have had a lot of slow cookers over the years, and they have all worked for the most part, but they would either die quickly with the amount of abuse cooking I put it through, or the timers fail, or when the timer shuts off, the pot takes a long time to get down to warm (subsequently burning or drying out the food before I could get it out), or the timing system is too damn complicated for me to care about.

But not this bad boy! You can set your timer for however long you want (and my cooking times are always exact – no guessing!), and when the timer is done, the system will go into a 1 hour warming period before shutting itself off.

I have done everything I could to these guys, and they never fail me. From frozen and cold meats (which have been known to crack some other brand’s ceramic pots), to dry roasts (no liquid in the bottom which is also highly recommended by other manufacturers)… but always this baby comes through.

From pasta sauce, chicken noodle soup, one-pot roast dinner, cabbage rolls, teriyaki chicken and more, my slow cookers truly are the heart of our healthy eating. Plus, they make food prep a breeze! Highly highly recommended! And at this price – you can have two like me :o)