KitchenAid® Gourmet Pasta Press Attachment

KitchenAid® Gourmet Pasta Press Attachment

Ok – here we go… ever since I was a little girl I actually started cooking a few years ago, the KitchenAid® mixer has been my DREAM! I love this thing. First, it’s KitchenAid® . Second, it’s so pretty. But third, and maybe most importantly, it is the ultimate in kitchen gadgets. I mean, look at all of the awesome attachments it has!

The Pasta Press Attachment with 6 interchangeable plates is no exception. Now, as with all KitchenAid® attachments, they can seem a little pricey, however when you look at the value, it’s actually quite good.

When you become serious about putting your kitchen to use with its full potential, starting to eat better and being mindful of exactly what you put in your body, you want to do fresh – not preserved – and that includes your pasta. Start with a great, easy past dough (or gluten free if you prefer) and then just start running it through the system. Compared to the hand help devices, this makes pasta shaping and cutting a DREAM!

Spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilii, large and small macaroni – this baby does it all!

And, as with all of my KitchenAid® investments, I recommend buying them online where you can. You will often get them for a better price than having to shop around to your local stores. You can also be confident you are not getting a returned item off of the shelf in a store – especially when you are working with motorized parts, things that could have been in someone else’s dishwasher (yuck), or just in case someone returned a lemon that got restocked. Let the post man do all of the work.

Then, ensure that you register your model with KitchenAid® online for warranty purposes. Way better than returning to the store. They simply ship you a new one – the same model or the next step up – if there are any issues.