KitchenAid® Hand Mixer

KitchenAid® Hand Mixer

Alrighty then! This one, you are going to LOVE! First, I’ll start by saying that when I moved away from home, I bought a $10 hand mixer from Zellars (yes, young ones, there used to be a store chain called Zellars), and honestly, it had two speeds – on and off – and it lasted me for, like, 15 years before finally dying (it was a sad day).

But it was a great time to upgrade my gadget to my beloved KitchenAid® brand. And while you may think that the appliance is a little pricey compared to other models, it is actually totally worth it! Let me tell you why:

  1. It’s KitchenAid® (should I stop now, or keep going? lol)
  2. The unit itself is extremely light weight and the cord is very firm, and you feel like you’re good and grounded to the outlet
  3. The main beaters are much thinner than what the typical hand mixers have, and you might assume this means flimsy, however they are anything but! The whisk-like features make whipping things up fast and easy and you can guarantee a PERFECT blend each and every time!
  4. The mixer also include a Pro Whisk (as if the main ones weren’t enough!), dough hooks (awesome for pizza dough) and a blending rod for more delicate work
  5. You get your choice of a variety of colours
  6. And it comes complete with the fabulous KitchenAid® warranty

And, as with all of my KitchenAid® investments, I recommend buying them online where you can. You will often get them for a better price than having to shop around to your local stores. You can also be confident you are not getting a returned item off of the shelf in a store – especially when you are working with motorized parts, things that could have been in someone else’s dishwasher (yuck), or just in case someone returned a lemon that got restocked. Let the post man do all of the work.

Then, ensure that you register your model with KitchenAid® online for warranty purposes. Way better than returning to the store. They simply ship you a new one – the same model or the next step up – if there are any issues.