KitchenAid® Pasta Set

KitchenAid® Pasta Set

Ahhh here you go! The single best pasta set out there for the home pasta maker! And yes, it’s an investment but holy-ravioli-Batman, is it worth it!

This set is perfect with the flat sheet roller – which you start those yummy raviolis off with, the attachment for spaghetti, fettuccine, thick noodles, angel hair noodles, ravioli attachment, small and large macaroni, bucatini, fusilli and rigatoni! Did we get them all?! You’ll be eating pasta for a YEAR!

SO much cheaper buy the set like this. You can buy the pieces individually, but why? This is such a better deal.

And, as with all of my KitchenAid® investments, I recommend buying them online where you can. You will often get them for a better price than having to shop around to your local stores. You can also be confident you are not getting a returned item off of the shelf in a store – especially when you are working with motorized parts, things that could have been in someone else’s dishwasher (yuck), or just in case someone returned a lemon that got restocked. Let the post man do all of the work.

Then, ensure that you register your model with KitchenAid® online for warranty purposes. Way better than returning to the store. They simply ship you a new one – the same model or the next step up – if there are any issues.