Rival Turkey Roasting Oven

Rival Turkey Roasting Oven

Yes, yes, yes – you need this in your life! Now, hear me out… I have a double wall oven (which I love, btw!) but ever since I got this counter top roaster, I don’t even think of doing my turkeys or large roasts in anything else!!!

First, this makes basting a total breeze! No having to pull the rack out with a 20lb turkey on it, or trying to sneak your hand and baster in to the back of the bird, and burning the top of your hand (my right hand is riddled with tiny burn marks from years of this!). Just remove the lid, and baste!

Second, the heat is 100% consistent! I was actually surprised due to the fact that I have to remove the lid every 30 minutes to baste something, but nope – perfect every time!

Third – cooking time is actually shorter! Again, I was surprised, thinking that with the escaping heat from removing the lid that we’d be all day, but nope – it’s quicker than the oven, and far more reliable on timing.

And last but not least, your meat still gets that golden brown finish you want! I was REALLY surprised at this. Honestly – I thought the browning came from having the element on the top of the oven. But this guy will brown your turkey just like the oven, and you still need to cover the bird with foil in the beginning to ensure it doesn’t brown too much or dry out.

I can’t say enough about it! And at this price, it has never let me down! Love it!