Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital Meat Thermometer

This is a FANTASTIC meat thermometer! I first came across this one while Hubby and I were at friends of ours. They were BBQing meat outside, and instead of having to constantly check it or cut the meat open to test, they stuck this little gadget into the meat (right on the BBQ!) and came in the house to visit. The little hand-held doo-hickey thing alerted them to the temperature changes in the meat, and voila! Perfection every time!

Some meats can have varying temperatures, depending on how you like them, but when I’m doing a large roast, or especially poultry, I want to know exactly when it’s cooked to perfection all the through (nothing worse than 6 hours on a turkey only to cut it too soon and it’s bleeding at the centre!).

This one also allows you to avoid having to slice into your meat. Every time you cut into the meat, you create an escape hatch for all of the lovable little juices to run away! We don’t want that! So – make this a part of your wish list.

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