Cuisinart Kettle

Cuisinart Kettle

This is one of my other super favourite kitchen toys, and yes – it’s not Kitchen Aid lol. As you probably know, I drink a variety of teas in my daily life. (Side note – teas are a fantastic way to not only get your daily recommended hydration, but also to get tons of antioxidants and other fantastic things into your diet! You can read more about that here >)

The thing with different types of teas is that they are not all best at the same temperature. And while the cute kettle on the stove looks nice, and all, it just becomes more of a hassle to wait for boiling water to cool to the right temperature for a green tea versus a white tea, and so on. Thermometers are involved, and then you forget about the water and now it’s too cold. Sigh – always an excuse! Ha!

Enter, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp kettle! I love this guy! It has all of the exact brewing temperatures for green, white, herbal and black tea, as well as delicate teas, oolong and French press. Just select the temp you need for the tea you are using and presto! The perfect hot water every time! If you add water that is too hot, you will ‘burn’ the tea, so to speak, and it will become bitter and lose some of its aromatic features. Too cold, and you won’t get the full flavour from the tea.

(Oh, it also has just a straight boil too lol)

So, my tea-drinking friends, this kettle is a MUST! I have had mine for a few years now and it has never failed me.