KitchenAid® Non-stick Bakeware

KitchenAid® Non-stick Bakeware

Ok, guys… I LOVE my KitchenAid® bakeware! When we were moving into our new house a while back, I was determined I was going to throw out every piece of junk oldie that I had and replace with these gooders. And let me tell you, they have never failed me!

The key with these is to hand wash clean. Whenever you put non-stick stuff into a dishwasher, you wear away their protective coating. Before you know it, you have rust stains, discolouring… Not pretty.

The cookie sheets are nice and thick – sturdy for the weight of whatever you’re baking on them They are also perfect for water baths when making your cheesecakes! They are just deep enough to hold the right amount of water.

The other thing that I love about these pans over the garden variety type that I’ve always bought is that they don’t buckle with heat/cool transitions. I have always had pans do this for cookies or whatever else, but all that stopped the minute I made the switch.

Also, I recommend buying as a pack. This will help replace a lot of the old ones you may already have, and it is so much cheaper than buying individual pieces! Ships right to your door in time for Sunday morning muffins!