The dog days of summer are here. I’ve mixed emotions about this. I love all things Fall… the leaves, the coziness, Thanksgiving… I just don’t like the thought of what comes AFTER Fall – which we won’t speak of ;o)

And so, true to form, as soon as the leaves start to change colour, we migrate south, where we can live in denial about the changes at home just a little while longer.

As most people know, Las Vegas is our destination of choice. We are fortunate enough to have a little place there right now, which affords a full kitchen, but even before that, we would always try to rent a hotel with a kitchenette, or even ask the front desk to bring us up a mini refridgerator at a small fee. It really helped to chill our little things in the past.

My goal on this trip (we leave tomorrow) will be to stop eating on the fly, without much thought, and to really try to stick to as many good eating choices as possible while away. So, here’s the plan:

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  1. First, pack a small hand blender. Great for breakfasts and snacks on the go. When you get to your destination, buy a bag of frozen veggies, a bag of spinach and some almond milk. Sadly, airlines are not likely to let you on a plane with little portioned baggies of powder (heehee) so you might have to stop at a health food store to grab a little whey powder when you get there.
  2. Second, plan to eat in your room. Most of us on holidays enjoy restaurants, for the experience and the foods. But not only does it hurt the wallet to eat three meals a day at a restaurant, it can wreak havoc on your body. I do a meal plan for each day that we are gone, as well as a list of foods that we can prep with little effort. Things like wraps, (tuna, or this tuna, salmon, breakfast).
  3. Third, cook a few small meals, if you can. If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen, you can put together some quick and easy dishes that do not require a lot of time or energy. Cook enough for two meals and you’ll have left overs. On my list this trip: stuffed cod, chicken caesar, veggie skewers,… to name a few.
  4. And finally – remember your snacks! The Achilles heel of our vacations has always been snacks. Those little nibbles throughout the day when it just isn’t time for a meal. Chips, caramel corn, chocolate… That USED to be the snacking way. Now that you’re treating your body right… try some plain or salted almonds, walnuts, berries, protein pudding, cottage cheese. I know your mind wants junk – and hey, you’re on vacation after all! But just think of how much sweeter dinner will be if you know that you’ve eaten healthy all day leading up to it! (Note – watch for sugars and other questionable ingredients in snack bars and smoothies that claim to be healthy… )

And for me, it’s really been all about knowing your body. Everyone is different, and so if you pay attention to your body, you will learn what your negative triggers are, and how to avoid them. For example, that juicy restaurant steak that was so good at dinner was likely slathered in butter right before it was served to you. If you are sensitive to that much fat at once, your body will punish you with cramps and discomfort for hours to follow.

For me, it’s sugar vs protein. I’ve learned that if I make sure to have a good protein at every meal (hold the butter, please!) and pair it with a good carb and veggies, and try to avoid things that I know are going to have added or lots of sugar, I don’t have the lethargy that typically comes after a meal, and I don’t suffer ill effects.

Another awesome side effect? I don’t feel like I’ve thrown away all my healthy efforts!

Annnnnnd…. if you do find yourself splurging on vacation here and there… (which we all do, let’s face it), use your next meal to make amends. Help your body recover… make good choices đŸ™‚ – Oh, and drink lots of water!

And happy vacation!

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